School Principal Message

Jacob Bronowski aptly remarks “Every animal leaves traces of what it was, Man alone leaves traces of what he created.”
The above comment is quite appropriate to the education also which should bring only change in the inner beauty of self and institutions’ vision and mission. Keeping pace with the fast changing and volatile world, K.V.R.D.S.O Lucknow is committed to impart quality education to its students. We understand that each child is a unique individual. We acknowledge the individual differences and therefore provide space to the child to blossom and flourish the learning we impart at KV RDSO Lucknow is not fettered by narrow and prejudiced teaching. Our students, therefore, are not timid and lame but adventurous and fearless. Our world of education gives natural space of knowledge and creativity to let the students excel as per their interest and talent and embrace the pinnacle of success. At the same time we don’t forget to instill moral, ethical and roman values among our children. In every arena of activity, we take care of all well-defined objectives. Consequently, KV RDSO has always been a front runner in all spheres be it academics, sports, performing arts, public speaking or social services. They are sensitized to social issues through various projects. We never forget the immortal words of most celebrated French Philosopher Jean de la Bruyere “There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without under haste; there are no honours too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience.”

With Best Wishes

Mr. Sanjay Kumar